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  • Personal PMP® Tutor

    So you've decided to sit for the Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification Exam. You have your required experience, sat through the formal education and are now embarking on the self-study period to study for the 4-hour, grueling exam. The Personal PMP® Tutor is a structured program to lead you through 8 weeks so you are prepared for the exam. This approach provides the structure you need to be successful but the flexibility to fit it in your life. It suggests 8 weeks, but you determine the order of study and the amount of time.The goal is to get you to pass the PMP® exam.

    Get the best online study program today. Great introductory price - only $99.00 USD. Click here for more details.

  • Microsoft Project 2010: A Guide to Practical Project Plans

    Companies large and small require project plans developed in MS Project to track the status of their projects. This career-enhancing seminar teaches the proper methods for using MS Project 2010. You will learn the #1 and #2 mistakes even seasoned users make. From there, we help you understand how to build project plans properly for effective project management.

    You walk away knowing the “Nine Steps to Effective Project Plans” and the “Seven Cardinal Rules of MS Project” and be confident you can use MS Project.

  • The Project Professors MS Project 2010 Mid-Term

    Mid-Term exam for Penn State Abington Fall 2013 Microsoft Project 2010 Session

  • Training's Impact on Your Business: Cost or Investment?

    Have you ever wondered if training had real value to your business? Have you ever wondered what factor would increase the value of training to your business? Or, do you feel training employees (and yourself) is just a waste of time and money?

    We had the same questions, so we set out to determine where the value of training is, if any at all. We surveyed thousands of training attendees, examined the exit survey results, conducted follow-up interviews and determined seven factors impact the value of training to your organization. Funny thing is, most training organizations don't evaluate the proper factors to determine if their training is effective. Worse, neither do their customers?

    In this paper, we explore the seven factors, explain how they may or may not impact training's value and highlight which ones really impact the training effectiveness. Additionally, we give you the questions to ask of your training provider and yourselves to maximize the return on your training money.

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  • Conflict: The Art of Moving Forward

    Conflict is neither bad nor good. Conflict just is. It always happens. In some cases, we want conflict to happen. It pushes us forward, makes us better and takes us to the next level.

    At the same time, conflict shoves us backwards, degrades performance and requires us to start over.

    In this thought provoking paper, you'll learn the differences between "good" and "bad" conflict, when to introduce conflict and when to resolve it. Practical examples help you manage conflict for beneficial results and limiting detrimental consequences.

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The purpose of this site is to help project managers succeed through education and training. By providing practical insights and information gained through years of experience, the Project Professors help new and established project managers understand how to manage project more efficiently with less stress.

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David A. Zimmer, PMPDavid A. Zimmer, PMP, ITIL, MCP, MS CS, CCP

Leveraging over 30 years of fire-tested experience, Mr. Zimmer instructs students in the best practices combining theory with real-life examples. You improve your project management methodologies using this practical wisdom

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